Water leak

Water leak


In mid-July, an attentive employee noticed water on the tarmac. Strange, because it didn’t rain for weeks in July.    


After an investigation, it was discovered that the water supply from the water network was leaking.  

Various solutions were sought:


Shutting off the water was impossible. This plant requires water for production. Stopping production is an expensive solution. 

An attempt was made to switch to rainwater. This company had large rainwater wells and still had enough rainwater available. Unfortunately, the quality of the rainwater was not good enough to allow production to run reliably.

storage tank water network


Liqson was contacted at short notice to temporarily replace the water network. 

A stainless steel storage tank was provided with a hydrophobic pump and flexible hoses. The customer was able to fill the storage tank themselves.

This solution was quick to deploy, reliable and cost-effective. It did not take much time to repair the leak, the customer was soon able to switch back to the water network.