reliable storage of lime milk


Due to damage to a lime milk installation, a factory in Geel needed to temporarily store lime milk (Calcium hydroxide).

Together with the lime supplier, we designed the lime milk storage tank. You can find more information about the storage tank here.


The storage tank is made entirely from 316 stainless steel. The filling line, valves, agitators and other accessories are also made from stainless steel.
Carbon steel can also be used, but it has a shorter lifespan.

In addition, stainless steel is also suitable for food applications.

Points to keep in mind when storing and handling lime milk:

  • Calcium hydroxide is corrosive and abrasive 
  • The suspension may thicken due to heat 
  • Particles in the suspension may break (stirring, pumping)
  • Incorrect mixing results in loss of quality due to air impact 
  • Pipes and pumps clog up quickly





mobile rental tank with agitators


We prefer round storage tanks. Round tanks are easy to clean and enable liquids to mix well. This means that only two 3 kW-agitators are needed to keep the liquids homogeneous.

The agitators are fitted with a frequency control. Therefore, if the concentration of the lime milk is low, we can slow down the agitators.

All these advantages result in lower electrical consumption, meaning energy savings for the customer.




hire tank with agitators milk of lime


The storage tanks are fitted with stairs and a gantry. This enables the equipment to be cleaned and maintained safely. The tank also has a continuous level measurement system, an overflow system, sufficient emergency stops, etc.


If you rent a tank from Liqson, we will also come and install it at your premises. We will provide the storage tank along with the necessary couplings, reducers and hoses. For lime milk, we will also supply the necessary rinsing valves upstream and downstream from the hoses. We will visit you on the spot as soon as possible if you have any questions or problems.

Due to our experience with a wide range of liquids, Liqson is your preferred partner for the temporary storage of liquids. Interested? If you have any questions about this project, please contact us!