Asphalt plant water supply


In the weeks before the construction industry holidays, many construction sites still need to be finished.

This asphalt plant was flat out before the construction industry holidays. A shutdown would have been disastrous.

Asphalt is a homogeneous mixture of mineral aggregates (sand, gravel or stone chips), bitumen, fillers (fly ash or limestone flour) and possibly additives. The bitumen is used as a binding agent. 

In order to be able to mix the stone well, it must be broken. 



Due to the dry weather, crushing stone chips causes a lot of dust. The dust creates an unpleasant working atmosphere and inhaling it is very unhealthy. What’s more, this dust gets into the radiator of the crusher. The radiator can no longer cool the engine properly with all the consequences that this entails. This breaker is equipped with a vaporising system to suppress the dust. 

Storage tank rental water dust control

There was no water available at the location where the crusher was located. Liqson was contacted to provide a solution at short notice (within 24 hours).  


A 36,000-litre stainless steel tank was fitted. Together with a pump and sufficient flexible material, this customer was able to continue working. This construction contractor had personally provided a load of water.


Liqson has this material in stock. The tank, pump and hoses were tested and cleaned before delivery.

dust suppression water tank